Walk more, eat less sugar and be healthy in general.

HiFive is an app to challenge others and ourselves to walk more, stay away from sugar, reduce weight, etc

105 people signed up for early access. Join them 🙌

Launching soon on both App Store and Google Play

Pick a challenge, invite friends and have fun completing the challenges.

Steps count challenge

Participate on global leaderboard and see how many steps you can complete a day.

No Sugar Challenge

Let's see how many days you can go without sugar in a month.

Weight loss challenge

Set a weight to lose in a month and stay accountable by sharing progress.

3km fun run

Finish 3k run this month to compete in the global leaderboard

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HiFive is an indie project built by @ahilapillai and @onerinas. We would love to have you as an early adopter of our app.

Follow our official Twitter page @tryhifive for updates.